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Image by geng zhang

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Pink bird created by Goonie.
Green bird created by Goonie.
Blue bird Pink bird created by Goonie.

Twelve years ago I was a drug addict, alcoholic, career criminal, and ex-convict battling a laundry list of mental health issues. Today I'm a father in long term recovery, a sober husband, and a professional artist.


I turned to art for healing. It did more than just heal me; it made me whole again.


Five years ago I posted a picture of a painting expecting criticism and critique. Instead, I was met with support and encouragement. I kept painting. The paintings kept selling, and eventually I turned a profitable hobby into a full-time career. My life hasn't been the same since.  


Over the last 5 years I've sold over 300 original paintings. I have work hanging in nearly half of the United States. I've shown work in galleries across the world, and I've created artwork for several well known celebrities.

When patrons collect my art, they're not just buying a painting; they're buying a piece of my imagination, my creativity, my emotion, my heart, and my soul. In essence they're collecting a piece of me; and that is very very special to me.

- Goonie


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